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sorrowsflower's Journal

3 August
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The first thing you should know about me is that I have quite a weird brain: it rarely works when I want it to, and never shuts up when I don't. The result of being fried by too many exams. Nevertheless, it has been my faithful companion all these years (though I can't be too sure if it's still there).

Another thing is that I always ramble. Whether I'm talking or writing, I bore people to death with my babbling.

Oh, and I am also a very emotional person, or so I'm told. I believe in the beauty of emotional breakdowns, but I also appreciate the peace of standing still. I adore the sound of laughter, but I also understand the need for tears. I believe in being impulsive and living life to the fullest, but I also appreciate the wisdom of taking caution... And I'm also aware that I sound like a fortune cookie.

Still, I am what I am... so deal with it!