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Happy Birthday, ocvalkyrie!!!!




We haven't talked in quite a while, twin, but I wanted to join in on the picture fun and wish you a wonderful birthday! Oh, and look who came to wish you a happy birthday too!



(by meru-chan of deviantart)

Also, a definite must-have on the birthday itinerary: Cloud Tossing!

(by Risachantag, also of dA)


Annnd, more CloTi...


(by Bishi Hunter of dA)

(by zdtown, also of dA)

And now for some good, old-fashioned 'girl' bonding:

(by Tymethia of deviantart)

Hope this birthday turns out to be a rockin' good one!



Happy Mother's Day!

"Most women become mothers by accident, some by choice, a few by social pressures, and a couple by habit."

-Erma Bombeck, Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession


To all the mothers all over the world...


Holy Mother Mary and Child (by Bill McAllen)


Mbushku mother and her child: Botswana (from National Geographic)

Mag-ina sa banig, (literally translated, "mother and child on the mat") by Nestor Leynes

Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova of Russia and her son, the Tsarevitch Alexei Nikolaevich


And of course, my own mother


For all the mothers-by-accident, mothers-by-choice, mothers-by-pressure, mothers-by-habit, mothers-to-be, expectant mothers, unexpectant mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, surrogate mothers, adoptive mothers, birth mothers, foster mothers, queen mothers, mothers-in-law, mothers-of-PWDs, PWD mothers, single mothers, unwed mothers, reverend mothers, stay-at-home mothers, working mothers, happy mothers, sad mothers, and all the women in the world who call themselves by that wonderful name...



To those who observe it, have a meaningful Holy Week...










I've been BJD-crazy for more than a few months now, and while I've seen a lot of gorgeous dolls out there, I have to say, the molds that really make me drool are SOOMs. I swear, their dolls are to-die-for!

My favorite SOOM girl is Beryl. Whether it's the satyr/succubus Beryl - Neverending Dream, or the human Beryl - Love Me or Die... she is gorgeous!!! Though I prefer the face-up on Neverending Dream, the normal skin tone of the newest Beryl is wonderful.

SOOM Beryl Neverending Dream. She's the one I want. Isn't it just typical that when I found out about her, I also found out that she was limited edition and already sold out? And anyway, even if she weren't sold out, I still wouldn't have been able to afford her. Darn currency discrepancies and shipping fees!

Beryl - Love Me or Die. She's the rerelease by SOOM, but unlike the original Beryl, she has human parts. I wanted her too, but again, she's sold out T_T I'm not too crazy about her face-up, though. I much prefer the original's.

I've seen some pretty stunning Beryls out there, but my favorites are:

Bella, owned by prophetek of deviantART (she's bad-ass!)

Ignatia Victoria, owned by sassystrawberry, also of deviantART

Beryl is my all-time favorite SOOM female, and I WILL have one of her, even if it takes ten years for me to save up for her!!!! GAAAAHHH!!! I want her!!! (and yes, I'm fully aware of how wrong that sounded).

And the SOOM Sard... *sigh*. I think I have found another love of my life (along with Cloud, Zack, Vincent and Zero Kiryuu). But alas, he is also sold out, and has been since 2008, I think (like Beryl).

I don't really like the Sard's default make-up by SOOM, the ones I like best are:

Vasilios, who is owned by HydraKitten

Kilbas, who is owned by yenna-photo of deviantART. *Kyaaa, I'm in love with him!!!*


But still, there are a LOT of other gorgeous SOOMs out there. My top 10 favorite SOOMs and the really good ones I've seen of them out there:

1. Beryl and Sard (there's no question: these two top my list)
2. Breccia  dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php (so pretty)
3. Topaz dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php
4. Cuprit (though it really depends on the face-up) dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php or Taco/Dolomi dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php
5. Chalco dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php or Onyx (light and shadow) dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php
6. Vesuvia dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php or Galena dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php
7. Nephilin dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php
8. Glot/Glati (cuties!) dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php
9. Heliot dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php
10. Chrom dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php

But I love 'em all! Really, almost all of the SOOM molds are beautiful! I want one!!!! I already have the characters in mind! Now all I need is $$$

T_T Great.



(photos from http://dollsoom.com/soom/ )

Sexy Sephie ;)




... You know you want to...




Sephy is a Limited DIM Minimee Sephiroth... and he is GORGEOUS!!! I'm not sure if HydraKitten of deviantART still owns him, but I'm crediting her, anyway, 'cause her BJDs are pure awesomeness! Especially her Sard that I'm still lusting over ^_^ Go to her page!




Happy 2011!!!

Hope it turns out to be a great one for everybody!!!

(picture from http://fashion-clicks.blogspot.com/ )